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Project Description
The XmlDSigEx library aims to provide an alternative to the SignedXml classes in the .Net Framework. It addresses some of the shortcomings of the standard types particularly in regards to canonicalisation and the enveloped transform. It is currently under development.

The library offers developers a way to adopt newer or less popular technologies without being constrained by the framework classes. It offers a modular, easily extensible design that allows for custom transforms, signature algorithms, canonicalisation algorithms and key info. It supports the XPath Filter 2.0 transform used by Adobe acrobat (verifying only at this stage), SHA256 and above RSA signature algorithms and elliptic curve signatures. It has been used with the Security.Cryptography classes of the CLR Project to allow creation and verification of signatures using certificates with CNG backed private keys (this support is currently not part of this source but is trivial to implement).

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